Lolo & Henry the Ducks' Story.

My Mom used to tell me a story about her famous Duck Lolo who followed her everywhere when she was a child, so when I met with this hungry Duck shopping at a supermarket parking lot, I named her "Lolo" and took pictures of her and her quacking buddy Henry. I fed my two new friends with French baguette and filtered water and they loved it! Lolo sat right by my shoes and practically camped on them. The two made my day, because I love animals.

At that time, I was preparing a film project entitled "Cutting Down the Overhead" and wondering who could be the right actor to play the role of the secretive hero and unpredictable "Uncle Squint" when circumstances started to pile up my way. A few days ago, I went to a Film Festival in Newport Beach and met with a tall man by the name of "John", a film Director who spoke highly of Clint Eastwood who inspired him to direct his first movie. Then another day, as I was having a cup of coffee in a bakery, I heard this voice coming from behind me and speaking in a soft but authoritative way sounding just like Clint Eastwood.  So  I turned around and saw this mature and alluring man with squinting blue eyes and pepper and salt hair chatting with his attentive male audience about their next sailing trip. Too bad, it was not Clint Eastwood as he would have made my day, but I spoke with the man and complimented him on his extraordinary voice resemblance with Clint Eastwood's.

Then a few days later; right after I met with Lolo and Henry and heard "the voice", I walked in the same neighborhood, looked at a street signage above my head, and what do I see? Eastwood St.! Well if this isn't a sign or two, or three that Clint Eastwood was meant to play the role of "Uncle Squint in Cutting Down The Overhead", then my new name is Confucius!  So, I took pictures of the signage on the spot and before you know it "Lolo the duck was sitting on Eastwood Street!"
I then watched every movie that Clint Eastwood performed in or directed, (and there are quite a few) to visualize if the character "Uncle Squint" would work well with Clint and sure enough it did!
Here is about the character Uncle Squint: He is secretive, clannish, and frugal man in his eighties and a hero in disguise who likes to mind his own business most of the time unless circumstances prompt him to act otherwise. All hell brakes loose for this secluded and private man when "Duke" his spoiled
and clueless Rock Star nephew gets kicked out of his mansion by creditors and becomes homeless overnight. No more Ferraris, Bentleys, bimbos or  fake friends for Duke who is left with nothing more than his electric guitar and having to "cut down the overhead" immediately by hitchhiking all the way to "Uncle Squint''s bird nest.
I framed the artwork of
"Lolo the Duck on Eastwood St." and contacted Clint's office at Warner Brothers to let his P.A. and Executive Producer Kristina know that I was developing a film project entitled "Uncle Squint - Cutting Down The Overhead" with Clint Eastwood in mind to co-star and direct the picture and that I also made a fun artwork of "Lolo the Duck on Eastwood St" especially for his Birthday.

The artwork made it on time for his Birthday, and below is a copy of it that I signed "juste for Clint." I felt real good about it, but Kristina told me that Mr. Eastwood prefers to direct and does not act anymore; so this became a work in progress for me, but Lolo and I could not give up on him! As it turns out, I am not the only one who wanted to see him star in a movie again or co-star with him; so instead of giving up I actually created two more stories for him to direct and co-star in to keep my motivation going.
"Uncle Squint - Cutting Down the Overhead" is about hope and unexpected relationships and how a little help given to someone can make a huge difference and affect an entire life especially when it comes from someone you'd expect it the least. When Duke a famous Rock Star becomes homeless overnight and is thrust into survival mode, he discovers a whole new world and values that he never knew existed before after his recluse Special Agent "Uncle Squint" steps in.out of nowhere to give him a hand. Uncle Squint is not just any uncle; he is out to change a broken system and help prevent unecessary gun violence by creating his own "special weapons." As a secretive Special Agent he reliess on safe weapons the kind that do not kill to keep his witnesses alive, because as he says: Why all this messy gun violence? Dead people can't talk, can they?" Just like Duke and Brigitte in the story, I witnessed the homeless reality in California and fed an old veteran crying at a table near me and helped a lady pay for her bus to drive her to a shelter. There are so many homeless people who cannot affored putting a roof above their head, and so many others that are mentally unstable with little hope and no comfort to go on. I saw one of my characters in real life and stopped to help him find his lost bags and just for that moment I was glad to have brought some hope and a smile into his life....deserve had nothing to do with it. I wake up every day grateful that I am not in their shoes,and that I am healthyand know my way toward the rainbow.

GOOD NEWS! After I sent the framed artwork of "Lolo" to Clint Eastwood's production office and the first draft of the screenplay to Kristina came in some real GOOD NEWS! Clint Eastwood decided to act again in "The Mule" which proves that a man, who doesn't change his mind, doesn't have one and that my project is back on tracks! I felt much better after knowing that the ageless Clint Eastwood was not retiring from the silver screen, and believe very much that the role of "Uncle Squint" will fit him like a Cinderella shoe where he can have more entertaining fun as an unexpected hero coming to save the day and surprise the youngest and toughest crowds. It is time since the  Orangutan box office best seller to cheer up in a surprising way, those who least expect it! Hey, that's where I come in, and Uncle Squint is born. Let me know your thoughts after you read "Uncle Squint - Cutting Down The Overhead" where at the end of the day less is better, and more of Clint eastwood is even better! Having said so, I feel like listening to good Ol' Louis "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"

And then came the
second good new mailed to me with a signed photo  of Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino" where he holds a rifle and has that super-mean look that I was looking for in "Uncle Squint - Cutting Down The Overhead!" Well thank you, you made my day!

I put his picture in my cell phone's background to remind me to hang in there and to make great things happen. "Frenchy the French Bulldog (see pictures of Frenchy in the main page is now added to the revised "Uncle Squint Series" coming soon in downloads and bookstores.
Visit: www.StarQueenEntertainment.Com 

I hope that you will enjoy reading "Uncle Squint - Cutting Down the Overhead" and that Clint Eastwood will play Uncle Squint and show me how to direct the picture in one take and under budget as part of my Dreams Come True wish list.

Thank you for reading this story, Lolo and Henry' the ducks and I wish you to be safe and happy. Below is "Pépé the Chihuahua standing in for Clint Eastwood"
until he plays the role of "Uncle Squint" (Did I mention it comes with 2 sequels?)  
"Lolo The Duck - Shoot Me If You Dare!"
By Lady-Elle StarQueen.
(Original Artwork gifted to Clint Eastwood for his Birthday)
How 2 hungry little ducks led me to create the starring role of "Uncle Squint" for Clint Eastwood!
By Lady-Elle StarQueen
Lady-Elle StarQueen.
Clint Eastwood signed picture mailed
to Lady Elle.
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t least 2 sequels?)
Until then best wishes from Pépé The Chihuahua!
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Lolo The Duck Photo by
Lady-Elle StarQueen