Welcome to Lolo Events to help stop
Gun Violence in the USA & Worldwide!

Lady-Elle StarQueen creates contents for Television,
Motion Pictures, and Merchandises to inspire anyone
to endorse non-violent alternatives to
gun violence and to adopt a safer environment.
Join us to become a part of it!

"Lolo The Duck" is Licensed to Events
Planners, and Motivational Organizations for them
to resell copies of the Artworks that they print
on Merchandises for their Events that help them
raise money for non-violent causes.
Select: Lolo 1, Lolo 2, Lolo 3,
and or Lolo Don't Shoot Me! 10.

Any Print signed by
Lady-Elle StarQueen qualifies for
50% of the proceeds to be donated
the Charity designated by the Event Planner,
Other Prints by Lady-Elle StarQueen help
animals and people live in
a safer environment.

Join Us!

Contact us if you are ready
to set-up an Event.

How it works:

1. Contact us to Purchase a License of
"Lolo The Duck" to allow your  Organization
to Print Copies of your selected Artwork(s)
Created by Lady-Elle StarQueen.
*Only Dreams ComeTrue Inc. or the
Author can grant a valid License
from the Artist. See Licensed Shops.

You may be able to purchase a License
for a Charitable Event for under $1,000.
if your Organization qualifies.  

2. After you received your License,
and prepaid for it; you can Print Copies
of the Artwork(s) on merchandises that will be
offered to the public to raise funds and
awereness and help stop gun violence
in your Community.

Help us Stop Gun Violence and
Join Lolo and Lady-Elle StarQueen
in the "Don't Shoot Me! Program!"

Thank you from
Lolo, Henry the Duck and
Lady-Elle StarQueen!

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